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Navchandi Paath is an extremely auspicious and elaborate ritual performed during the Navratras. It bestows health, wealth, strength, and success to one who performs/participates in it. No Puja, Anusthan, or Siddhies are complete without the blessings of Adishakti as Paramba Durga is the very life force/energy of all creation.

Navchandi Paath involves about 9 hours of Mantra chanting and rituals continuously for nine days and ends with a Havan with 700 Ahutis with 700 Shlokas. Everyday apart from Shodashopchar, 13 Adhyayas of Durga Shaptashati is chanted along with Madhayaan and Sayankaal Aarti. 

Rudralife has been performing Navchandi for the last five years (twice a year during Chaitra and Sharadiya Navratri with help of learned Vedic Pundits). It is an immensely beneficial Anusthan but difficult to organize on an individual basis due to constraints of time and cost

For the first time, Rudralife is giving an opportunity to all to participate in this Anusthan with a nominal Sankalp price. Viewing this Anusthan online is free of cost.

Mata Ki Chunri: For each of the nine days a beautiful Chunri will be draped over the Devi. It will be shipped after the completion of the rituals for nine days. It can be kept at the Puja place for auspiciousness. 


The Pricing of Add-Ons are as follows:

Add-Ons Domestic Overseas

Add-Ons Domestic Overseas
Energized Baglamukhi Yantra Rs. 7501/- Rs. 10,001/-
Energized Navdurga Yantra Rs. 7501/- Rs. 10,001/-
Energized Bagla Mukhi Yantra Rs. 7501/- Rs. 10,001/-
Energized Bagla Mukhi Yantra Rs. 21,000/- Rs. 23,000/-
Mata Ki Poshaak Rs. 7501/- Rs. 10,001/-
Mata Ki Chunri Rs. 7501/- Rs. 10,001/-
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